Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you manufacturing plastic drum with food grade material

Yes we are manufacturing plastic drum with 100% imported food grade material. Which is suitable for packing of food items and have international recommendation.

We need plastic can for filling of textile chemical. Can you provide.

Yes surely we are manufacturing different capacity plastic jerry cans. Having capacity from 20 Liter and up to 70 Liter. Completely suitable for chemical filling and also suitable for domestic use and export quality.

What is your products shelf life

As we are manufacturing tailer made products so the shelf life is according to customer requirement. And also depend upon the atmosphere in which he want to use the product. Normally we are offering shelf life from 6 month to 2 years.

What kind of quality tests for your product you guaranteed

As we are manufacturing the product according to the customer requirement so every product have its own quality standards. Normally we guaranteed Stacking test and Drop test and leakage test.

Can you quote delivered price

Usually we quoted ex factory price. But on customer request we can arrange dispatch but the freight would be added in the invoice.

How much time you need to produce and order

As it depends upon the order quantity and the production facility availability condition. We advise our regular customer to keep some time margin before placing any order.